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Constipation is as a result of the decrease or infrequent bowel actions/ movement; It may also be defined as the difficulty to pass stool. It is not considered to be a disease however, it may be a warning or rather a symptom of other conditions or abnormalities taking place within the body.Constipation can occur for a number of reasons such as:

Too little or the lack of roughage in the diet,
Change in environment which might be as a result of frequent traveling,
Change in the diet,
Cancer of the Colon,
Intake of too much iron (in some cases)

While using suppositories can bring much relieve, this should be viewed as a short term method. Long term methods to promote regular bowel activity and prevent constipation as well as to prevent the stool from being hard are:

Increasing the daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Items on the top of this list that are very efficient are: having a ripe banana each morning. Increasing or including Okra in the diet (this can be had raw or steamed).

Drinking a glass of water (at room temperature) every morning.

However, if you are already experiencing the condition, Home Remedies that can help to relieve constipation are recommended here in.:

Peel and remove the pulp of a stalk of Aloe vera. mix or blend and then put to boil. This should cause the almost instant bowel movement.


Drink a glass of lime water.


Gather two fresh and mature seeds of Oil nut. Chew the seeds into a watery paste and swallow. This should also provide instant relieve.

Remember to see your doctor in the case of frequent or chronic situations.These are but only Jamaican folklore and should not be taken as medical recommendation. Try at your own risk


  1. After reading your blog I would say that a great effort done by you!!! Hemorrhoids are a painful and embarrassing problem that affects nearly 10.4 million people in the US, according to a Digestive Diseases in the United States. But due to embracement people do not go to doctor or to the pharmacy to ask for hemorrhoids treatment , people like you sharing such kind of information is doing heavenly deed for the effected people. Keep on sharing!!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. happy u found the article useful.


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