Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cold Sores or Night Fever

Cold sores or night fever are small blisters that are usually formed on the corner of the lips, these may also be formed on other areas of the lips, but rarely. Cold sores are a common type of herpes that are contagious and can be transmitted by kissing, using an unsanitized cup or personal items such as lip gloss that was used by some one carrying the disease. Cold sores can be very painful especially in the primary stage of the disease and can be somewhat unsightly. It is usually said that there is no remedy for the disease and that it usually has to run its course.

Using Vick's vapour rub in the initial stages of this disease is known to reverse the effects and also prevent the sores from progressing. This may be worn on the lip (like a lip gloss) for a few days as soon as the symptoms are noticed. One common symptom is that the corner of the lips appear to be cracked and when the mouth is opened produces a tearing feeling. It is at this stage that it is recommended to apply the Vick's. Using the remedy over a time will minimize the frequency of occurrence of the disease to almost none.

If you have never had the disease, you may continue to prevent this by not sharing lip gloss and other personal items used on the mouth
Avoid kissing persons with the disease
Avoid touching the hands of persons with the sores, as sometimes they are prone to touching the area and this can pass on the germs
Practice good Hygiene overall

It is also recommended that persons with this disease should avoid doing oral sex as this may lead to the infection of the other party.

Other remedies sometimes used:
Pressing a peg of garlic on the area for a period of time
Using a green lime to rub the area.

The latter two remedies can prove to be painful as the acidic properties of the lime and agents present in the garlic produce a burning sensation.



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  7. A remedy i tried was cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and rubbing w/cutetip w/peppermint oil.

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