Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Itchy Scalp Remedy: Swivel/ Sour Orange

Sour or swivel orange was a major part of a hair wash/ cleansing routine. Before many poor Jamaicans who resided in rural Jamaica were exposed to the "luxury of Shampoos," the swivel orange was the shampoo of the day. It was said to have been effective in the treatment of itchy, dry scalp.

The juice from the fruit would be squeezed over the entire head and scrubbed using the finger pads. It would then be left on the head/ hair for a short period of time before rinsing and washing with just about any soap that was available.

Other natural ingredients that played a part in hair routine were tuna, aloe vera aka single bible and castor oil.

The Tuna Plant

Aloe Vera

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Local couple markets old-time remedy - Lead Stories - Jamaica Gleaner - Saturday | January 21, 2012

Local couple markets old-time remedy - Lead Stories - Jamaica Gleaner - Saturday | January 21, 2012 http://alternativemedicinebushdoctor.blogspot.com/

Local couple markets old-time remedy

Published: Saturday | January 21, 2012 8 Comments
After it is extracted by a machine, the pulpy mass is then boiled for a long time and allowed to set, at which stage the castor oil rises to the top which is the 'mud settling'.
After it is extracted by a machine, the pulpy mass is then boiled for a long time and allowed to set, at which stage the castor oil rises to the top which is the 'mud settling'.
Christopher Serju, Gleaner Writer
BERNARD LODGE, St Catherine:RICARDO THOMPSON and spouse Shirley Lindo produce castor oil using the cold-press system which sees the seed being crushed and the oil mechanically extracted and water added before boiling. This purification process is very important given that in its natural state the seed is highly toxic due to the presence of ricin, a deadly poison.
Thompson explained that with the water added, it must be allowed to boil properly and settle for some time, after which the oil rises on top of the "mud" and this is skimmed and placed in another container for further processing. "Done properly, it comes out the way you want it to be without the dark colour or offensive smell."
After many years of trial and error, they have the formula worked out, but many clients are still hooked on the castor oil of old and so raising public awareness is an ongoing process. This, according to Shirley, includes educating people to the value of castor oil being much more than just a laxative or hair product. In marketing their Palm of Christ brand, she shares the wide range of benefits from this anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory product.
It has been a hard sell though, she explains: "They say castor oil no look so. Castor oil can't stay so, it nuh black? Why it nuh thick and smell strong. What we have done, though, is produce two shades of oil. Among people who are familiar with the old castor oil, the darker one will sell because them say it looks like the real one. The lighter colour one, they say is olive oil, we put in the bottle."
don't promote drinking
Despite its effectiveness as a laxative, the couple does not promote this use of their brand, as Shirley explains: "We do not put it on our bottles that you drink it because we cannot quantify how much of it you should drink. This, especially if it is not boiled properly, will really give you the runs, really. Our oil does not give you too much of that - it's a gentle laxative, much more so than the ones that are traditionally parched, beaten and then boiled."
Checks on a number of Internet sites confirm claims by Shirley and Ricardo as to the many everyday health benefits of castor oil such as the following:
Ringworm - undecylenic acid, which is one of the active compounds of castor oil, helps fight ringworm, a fungal infection.
Skin problems - castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which delivers anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. It provides treatment for minor cuts, burns, abrasions, sunburn and prevents skin disorders such as acne and eczema. Aside from these, one of the benefits of castor oil is in skin conditioning. It serves as a natural emollient, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that hydrates and moisturises the skin. It treats wrinkles, repairing and rejuvenating the skin to make it look flawless and smoother.
In addition, castor oil is a remedy for more serious health conditions, which include sciatic nerve pain. The oil relieves sciatia, a painful condition characterised by lower back pains and soreness in your lower limbs.
A therapeutic benefit of castor oil is hair growth treatment as it helps increase hair growth and makes it healthier, softer, shinier and fuller. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is useful for massaging arthritic joints and sore, tired muscles.
In addition, castor oil is also believed to deliver medical benefits to certain neurological problems, such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.
With the many health benefits of castor oil, it is no wonder why it is one of the most beneficial oils available. Used properly, castor oil is truly a valuable, organic remedy that can help improve your body's physical fitness, vigour and overall wellness.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Kerosene Oil in Jamaican Folk Medicine

" Fire is a good servant but a bad master" this same expression could be used to describe kerosene oil in Jamaican folk medicine. Besides cooking, kerosene oil has its place in the sphere of home remedies. Many of our fore-parents believed that it possessed healing properties.

Ways in which Kerosene oil was used:
As a remedy for coughing
Kerosene Oil was used to heal a bad cough. It would be gently warmed and used to rub the chest and mid back region. It was said that the coughing would cease almost immediately.

Stomach Ache
Again, the kerosene oil would be gently warmed and used to rub the stomach.

To remove prickles, bottles or any other debris that would be lodged under the skin, particularly the feet.

A small amount of the green banana would be scraped and put inside the skin of the banana. The Kerosene oil would be gently warmed and drizzled on to the preparation and mixed. The next step was to tie the remedy to the area and leave it over night to pull out the foreign material.

Monday, 3 March 2014

NEEM Plant


Dried Neem Plant used in folk medicine for various diseases, namely hypertension, diabetes, et al.

The Neem plant is also used as an insecticide.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Preparing Irish Moss

I had previously done a post on Irish Moss however, I have chosen to do this second article which should provide more details. I have also added some pictures for enhancement.

Here are two variations of Irish Moss, One which is of a finer texture, the other much coarser. The latter gives a thicker consistency when boiled.

You will need also: Icing Gloss, Gomorrah Bits and Linseeds:

Icing Gloss: These are like small glass like twigs and are brittle.
Gommorah Bits are also glass like but more like small stones. These you can source at the pharmacy, the herbal stores or the market.

Add all these ingredients to a pot (the size will depend on the amount of ingredients you will be using

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Shampoo For Bee Sting

As I sat gazing in my backyard one Sunday afternoon, I was stung by an insect just under my eye. Having realized that the insect was a bee my real time reaction was on pause and my imagination began to run wild of what I would possibly look like with a bee stung disfigured face for work the following morning. My delayed reaction was to grab any three bushes that I could find, as folklore would have it, and to apply it to the spot and that I did.

This remedy was a slow as my reaction and the area began to rise. My other remedy was to apply some shampoo. Shampoo??? Yes, shampoo and IT WORKED! Instantly. I believe the alkaline properties of the shampoo was able to neutralize the bee sting.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Soursop stories still creating stir - News - Jamaica Gleaner - Saturday | November 3, 2012

Soursop stories still creating stir - News - Jamaica Gleaner - Saturday | November 3, 2012 http://alternativemedicinebushdoctor.blogspot.com/

 Thought I would share this intriguing story: Benefits of Soursop from the Gleaner's Website

Soursop stories still creating stir

Published: Saturday | November 3, 2012 13 Comments
Cancer survivor Yvonne Kirlew of Discovery Bay, St Ann, being interviewed live by Florida radio host Dr Dennis Grant on his show on Saturday, October 27, while Yvonne's husband Ray looks on.
Cancer survivor Yvonne Kirlew of Discovery Bay, St Ann, being interviewed live by Florida radio host Dr Dennis Grant on his show on Saturday, October 27, while Yvonne's husband Ray looks on.
US radio host visits cancer survivor
Paul H. Williams, Gleaner Writer
DISCOVERY BAY, St Ann:ON THE verge of death Yvonne Kirlew was, nearly a decade ago. The chemotherapy to destroy her lymphatic cancer was apparently killing her too. But her husband, Raymond, was determined that she wasn't going to leave him. He nursed her through a dreadful time of pain and near-death moments, and the cancer went into remission.
But, alas, it came back. And Raymond's war on the cancer started all over again, and this time around he went to nature for help. He acted upon the information that the leaves, stem and bark of the soursop tree, found all over Jamaica, were more powerful and less debilitating than chemotherapy. Daily, he has been feeding Yvonne the drink extracted from the leaves and the bark of the soursop tree, and Yvonne has been cancer-free since January 2010.
well documented
Yvonne and Raymond Kirlew's story is well documented by this newspaper. The reaction to the articles was overwhelming. Readers from all over the world called or emailed seeking further information and to get in touch with the Kirlews. The last article was published in The Gleaner on Saturday, August 20, last year, but the fascination with their story cannot seem to die.
But the information on the healing properties of the soursop tree has long been in the public domain. It was sent to south Florida radio host, the Reverend Dr Dennis G. Grant, about five years ago, and he posted it on his home office wall. Dr Grant is the host of a very popular two-hour Saturday show called 'The Love Hour' on WAVS 1170.
In April, the native of St Mary, Jamaica, who has about 35 fruit trees in his yard in Florida, also began to boil the leaves from his own tree. "I started to take it (the drink) myself, figured it was working. My high blood pressure, my cholesterol are now normal without medication," he told The Gleaner.
Then someone sent him the August 20 article. "And when I looked at the article I saw your name - and that's when I picked up the phone and called you," he told this writer, whom he had met earlier this year at an event called 'Kingston Pon Di River', "and I started to do my own research, my own investigation, and I told my radio listeners about it."
totally healed
Subsequently, Dr Grant began bottling the drink extracted from his own leaves. "On a Saturday, after my radio programme or during my radio programme, we don't have hands to get rid of it," he said, "and now we are getting testimonies: My insurance agent, diagnosed with gall bladder problems and prostate cancer, he's now totally, totally healed by drinking the soursop. So it has been working miracles. We have numerous, numerous testimonies."
Yet, there are sceptics. "A lot of people have read your article. I have emailed it to thousands of people. A lot of them don't believe that this is really factual. As a radio host, I wanted to come and meet the Kirlews myself," Dr Grant said. So, to remove some of the doubts, Dr Grant flew in from Florida last weekend to visit the Kirlews at their home at Dairy, Discovery Bay, St Ann.
But unbeknown to Dr Grant, the big soursop tree that seems to be sustaining Yvonne and keeping the Kirlews happy was blown over by Hurricane Sandy. Some of the roots are still firmly embedded in the ground, and the leaves are still fresh and green. It will be propped up soon by Raymond. Just as it was with Yvonne, death is not an option.
After a warm reception by the Kirlews, they gave Dr Grant a synopsis of their story, and some of the soursop portion from the fridge, which they drank on the spot. Then, it was time for Raymond, always the enthusiastic storyteller, to give anecdotes of people whose cancer was cured by the soursop tree, and those who chose chemotherapy over the soursop, and had since made the transition.
At 10 o' clock, via telephone, Raymond and Yvonne were interviewed live on Dr Grant's radio show. With the fallen soursop tree as the backdrop, Yvonne, Raymond and Dr Grant spoke for about 10 minutes. At one stage, a smiling Yvonne Kirlew exclaimed, "I feel great!" to which Dr Grant replied, "And you're looking wonderful! If they could just see how wonderful and healthy you look."
After the live interview, Dr Grant told The Gleaner, "I can go back and now say, I have met them, I have seen them. They have told me how it's done, what it has done. They have the medical records right there in the home. I am a believer. I now believe even more that this soursop cured Mrs Kirlew, and it is a miracle drug. If my visit saved one life - this visit from Florida to Discovery Bay, Jamaica - just one life, it would have bee

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